Finding stuff in your project with the Inspector

Jutoh window showing the Book Outline in the Inspector
Showing Book Outline in the Inspector

Having trouble finding things in your project? Then dial up the Inspector – it’s a tab in the Formatting Palette, showing different kinds of content in your content. Click on the drop-down box at the top to choose what kind of content is shown. In the screenshot, we’re in Book outline mode. If you use consistent heading styles for your chapters and sections – for example, Heading 1, Heading 2, and so – Jutoh will search the document and show the headings. Then you can click on the heading name to go to the heading in the project.

Showing the Book Outline in the Inspector
Book Outline in the Inspector


Or you can find all the images in your project, or tables, or footnotes, or bookmarks, or a number of other kinds of content. You can search through this list using the search box at the bottom.

Worth remembering the next time you’re scrolling through your project trying to find something!

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