Author: JulianSmart

Electric car charging conundrums

Today I’m taking a break from Jutoh posts to consider the frustrating state of electric car charging in the UK/Scotland/Edinburgh. While EVs aren’t going to solve everything, in particular street congestion, they will kill far fewer people from…

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How Jutoh can help you become a better book formatter

Ebook formatting software takes a variety of approaches. Some ebook solutions will completely reformat your book with styles it thinks are appropriate. This works better with novels, which have relatively little special formatting, but doesn’t really scale to…

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Tables – Jutoh on steroids

Tables represent a hugely complex feature, which was implemented in an intense, drug-fuelled mania. Steroids, that is – treatment for the autoimmune illness sarcoidosis. Boy, I loved the energy those steroids gave me. And given how much had…

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Stamping out typos using proofing tools in Jutoh Plus

Imagine if you could suddenly spot hundreds of errors in your books that were missed by human editors! However wonderful your book is, if you have more than a small number of typos, your online reviews will reflect…

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Searchable help in Jutoh

Search Help field in the Jutoh toolbar

Jutoh’s help system is a feature I’m particularly proud of. A challenge for authors is the little traps and gotchas that are common in the ebook publishing world – for example, the same reading app on different operating…

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Can I write my book entirely with Jutoh?

Notes and chapters side-by-side

Absolutely! Jutoh’s editor has a rich set of editing and formatting tools, and the list of chapters in the Organizer makes it a very convenient way to work. There’s search and replace, a word count, spell-checking, writing goals…

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Finding stuff in your project with the Inspector

Having trouble finding things in your project? Then dial up the Inspector – it’s a tab in the Formatting Palette, showing different kinds of content in your content. Click on the drop-down box at the top to choose…

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Creating conditional content in Jutoh

It’s common to want to create different versions of your book for different distributors, formats or purposes. You may need different book identifiers, or different text describing where to buy the book, or perhaps you’d like to create…

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Motivate yourself with writing goals

Jutoh Word Count dialog

Sometimes when you’re writing a book, it’s hard to keep your motivation going – so why not get a little help from your computer? Jutoh already shows your total word count in the status bar and in the…

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Jutoh and print-on-demand

Jutoh is principally about ebooks. But ebooks haven’t killed print books yet, and probably never will. Using a print-on-demand service such as Lulu, CreateSpace or KDP Print is a great way to see your books in print, and…

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