Software by Julian Smart

Jutoh is an e-book editor that imports from DOCX, ODT and more and writes to formats that include ODT, Epub and Kindle. It has many features such as table of contents, index and bibliography generation, conditional formatting (allowing content to change between formats and variants), custom checking, storage of research notes inside projects, and various creativity tools.

Writer's Café is a writer's toolkit, many of whose tools are subsumed into Jutoh.

DialogBlocks is a development tool allowing generation of wxWidgets user interface code.

HelpBlocks is a simple HTML help tool, principally for creating help files for wxWidgets applications. A WYSIWYG alternative is Jutoh, which can generate HTB and CHM files.

wxWidgets is a GUI development tool for applications on Windows, Mac and Linux. Founded by Julian in 1992, it is still used by many individuals and companies across the world, including for the famous Audacity audio editor.